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Welcome to our guide to ear infections in dogs!

A Guide for Ear Infection in Dogs

It is necessary to examine closely when the dog suffers from irritated or itchy ears. Ear infection in dogs results typically due to yeast (fungal) or bacterial infection. It's a common illness from which dog suffers. However, as a pet owner, it is essential to give attention to the symptoms and signs of something serious itches, as negligence and carelessness lead to the health complications.

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infection

Depending upon the experience level of the dog ear infection, symptoms may vary a lot. Symptoms in dog range from a lack of noticeable symptoms to serious cases where the facial paralysis visible. Following are the symptoms and signs that indicate the infection and need a checkup by the professional wet:

  • Brown, yellow, or bloody ejection from ear
  • Pain when reluctant to chew or opening mouth
  • Crusting or scabs inside of the outside surface of the ear
  • A visible loss of hair around the ear
  • Head shaking/tilting
  • Deafness/hearing loss
  • The appearance of dizziness/ loss of balance
  • Tilting towards the side of the affected ear
  • Foul/abnormal odor releasing from ear
  • Swelling or redness near the ear canal
  • Excessive pawing, scratching, or rubbing the ear or the surrounding areas; it also includes rubbing ear against the furniture or floor
  • Uncommon eye movements
  • Walking in circles
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Uncoordinated or wobbly body movements or swinging head
  • Unequal pupil size
  • Tympanic membrane (grey protruding eardrum)
  • In serious scenarios, signs linked to the damage of nervous system indicating facial nerve damage such as the inability to blink or paralysis

If observe any of these symptoms, it is important to take the dog to vet as early as possible. Infections are not only painful but can be possibly dangerous and harm both ear canal, possible hearing loss, or damage the middle ear of the dog if left untreated.

Follow Preventive Measures

Here are few preventive measures to follow for ear infection in dogs:

  • Consult the vet first: carefully follow the vet's instructions and learn the right way of cleaning the ear to avoid irritation in this sensitive area.
  • Safe play: use only vet-approved, dog-safe ear washes and cleansers to minimize the frequency of infection, especially in dogs which are prone to allergy.
  • Be proactive: routinely cleaning the dog's ear after bathing or grooming appointments helps to avoid future infections. The vet also recommends how frequently dog's ear should be clean.
  • Keep the dog dry: always make sure to keep dry the dog's ear, suffers from allergies, even just after the bath, was shampooed at the groomer, exposed to the inclement weather, particularly prone to the recurring infections, or are comes under the category of breeds prone to the ear infection.
  • Properly groom the dog: dogs with too much hair in the outer ear canal, leave the trimming to the professional groomer. However, the veterinarian can also guide about the right way of removing hair.
  • Never use swabs or Q-tips: while cleansing the dog's ear, never use the Q-tips or ear swabs because they push the debris more into the ear canal and may rupture the eardrum. Also, avoid rubbing solutions like alcohol. Only use the treatments that are prescribed specifically by the vet.





            Allen W Christo, DVM 
            Christo Veterinary Services LLC 
            8661 N Star Grass DR 
            Tucson, AZ 85742 



            Adam Behrens, VMD
            Wandering Vet - Veterinary Housecalls
750 Greenwich Street #1
            San Francisco, CA 94123
            Serving San Francisco and Southern Marin 

            Jessica Rankin Gibson, DVM

            Caring For Cats Housecall Service

            San Gabriel Valley, CA




E. Meier, DVM

            Housecall Practice

            Bonita, Ca 91902


            Sybil Murray, DVM 
            Visiting Vet 

            Serving Solano county, Berkley environs, Marin county, some
            West Contra Costa County area

            Valerie Nestrick, DVM
            Vet Trek Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            PO Box 247
            Lomita, CA

            Janet L. Shulman, DVM
            PO Box 25604
            Los Angeles, CA 90025
            Serving West Los Angeles and surrounding areas

            Steve Weinberg, DVM
            911 VETS Home Pet Medical
            Greater Los Angeles
            Dawn Ziegler, DVM
            Home Sweet Home Veterinary Housecalls
            San Diego, CA
            petdrdawn@yahoo. com
            chiropractic and acupuncture


            Kim Basher, DVM
            CVA, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
            Medicine/treatment/acupuncture/euthanasia for dogs, cats and exoctics
            Serving Boulder and the surrounding 30 mile area

            Bob Irmiger, DVM
            Flatirons Veterinary Care, PC
            61 Betasso Rd
            Boulder, CO 80302

            Peter Wolcott,DVM 
            Mile Hi Mobile Vet Service
            PO Box 460203
            Denver, CO


            Kathleen Fearon, Ph.D., DVM
            Home Veterinary Services, LLC
            Serving Trumbull and surrounding towns

            Dr. Marc Sminkey
            Mystic River Home Vet Service
            In association with The Noank Mystic Veterinary Hospital 
            2 Elm Street 
            Noank, CT 06340



            Mark W. Caspermeyer, D.V.M.
            "A Pet House Call"
            AKA "Mobile Veterinary Clinic of Orlando"
            P.O. Box 163161
            Altamonte Springs, Florida 32716

            Rebecca Fratello, DVM
            House Calls Mobile Pet Clinic
            166 Juniper Trail 
            Ocala FL 34480
            Serving the Villages and surrounding areas

            Michael H. Kaufman, DVM
            HOME VET CARE
            4613 N. University Drive #563
            Coral Springs, Florida 33067
            Serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties   

            Sandy Thomas, DVM
            Veterinary Housecall Practice
            4828 North King's Highway #114
            Fort Pierce, Florida, 34951
            Debra Volenec, DVM
            Angels At The End
            Ormond Beach, Florida 


            Jennifer B. Proctor, DVM
            Piedmont Animal Service  
            4298 Gray Hwy 
            Gray, GA 31032
            Large and Small Animal Housecalls in Middle Georgia  





            Lisa McIntyre, DVM
            The Welcome Waggin' Mobile Veterinary Service, P.C.
            3108 S. Rte 59 Suite 124
            Naperville, IL 60565
            fax 630.445.5902

             Alissa B. Shulkin, DVM
            Chicago Veterinary Care, PC
            Chicago, IL 
            Karen Twyning, DVM
            Compassionate Home Euthanasia 

            Lake Geneva, WI


            Serving Lake & McHenry Counties, IL; serving Walworth, Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee,

             and Waukesha Counties as far north as Hwy 60, WI


            Art Woodruff, DVM
            Pet Housecalls Inc
            PO Box 330
            Clear Creek, IN 47426
            Serving Bloomington and Monroe County


            Kris August, DVM
            Harmony Housecalls
            Ames, IA



            Kamaria Catalan, DVM
            House Vets for House Pets
            8240 Beechmont Ave
            Cincinnati, OH 45255
            Full service practice specializing in housecalls serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky 


            Carrie Schultz, DVM
            The Housepet Housevet, LLC
            Baton Rouge, LA


            Rachel Wander, DVM
            Healthy Pet Mobile Vet
            PO Box 628
            New Market, MD 21774
            301.305.3722 or 888.644.PETS (7387)
    Primary coverage Frederick, Montgomery, Howard & Carroll Counties
            Limited coverage in Washington, Baltimore, & Anne Arundel Counties, Maryland



            Robert Sidorsky DVM
            413.625.9353 or
            888.625.9353 or

            Serving all of the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts


    Dr. Lori Themel
            Tri-County Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            Lansing Michigan area

            Dr. Andrea Smirnes
            Woodward Veterinary Home Care
            Royal Oak, MI
            drsmirnes@yahoo. com

            Kathryn VanKoevering, DVM
            Paws Mobile Veterinary Service
            Saline, MI 48176


            Ann M. Fischer, DVM
            House Paws Mobile Veterinary Care
            5620 Highlands Trail N.
            Lake Elmo, MN 55042
            housepaws@usfamily. net
            Serving the St. Paul/ Minneapolis/ Metro area             

            Carol J Kurtyka, DVM
            The Mobile Moose Housecalls for Pets
            4860 12th Ave S
            Moorhead, MN 56560


            Robert E. Guy, DVM
            Dibble Dabble Farms
            Water Valley, MS 38965
            Serving small animals in Oxford and Water Valley





  New Hampshire  

  New Jersey  

            Sharon A. Dailey, VMD
            Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            189 Lakeview Commons South
            Suite 100
            Gibbsboro, NJ  08026

  New Mexico  

            Kate Ross, DVM
            Hoof & Paw Mobile Veterinary Services, PC
            PO Box 45075
            Rio Rancho, NM 87174
            505.867.4018 fax

  New York

            Dr. Lynn Marie Mastrangelo
            Veterinary Housecall Practice
            Lynndvm@yahoo. com
            Serving Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York

            Margaret Ohlinger, DVM
            Animaltrax Veterinary Service
            229 Wheeler Station Rd.
            Bloomfield, NY 14469

            Cheryl Ragalevsky, MS, DVM
            Home Veterinary Care
            PO Box 163 
            Scottsville, NY  14546 

            Dr. Marc Sminkey
            Mystic River Home Vet Service
            In association with The Noank Mystic Veterinary Hospital 
            2 Elm Street 
            Noank, CT 06340

North Carolina 

            Laurie Blumberg, DVM
            East Meets West Veterinary Services
            PO Box 91172
            Raleigh, NC 27675

            Susannah Hodnett, DVM
            At Home Veterinary Housecalls
            Greensboro, North Carolina
            Compassionate home care for dogs and cats

            Sara Lash, DVM 
            Healthy Pets Mobile Vet
            PO Box 54
            Garner NC 27529 
            919.329.7387 ( PETS)

            Nancy E. Staten, DVM
            Pet-Vet Housecall Practice
            PO Box 99395
            Raleigh, NC 27624
            Serving Wake County, Practice limited to dogs and cats

            Melissa Zebley, DVM
            Mobile Vet to Pet Service & Clinic
            PO Box 185
            Granite Falls, NC 28630
            Serving Catawba, Caldwell and Burke counties; surrounding communities by arrangement.

  North Dakota

            Carol J Kurtyka, DVM
            The Mobile Moose Housecalls for Pets
            4860 12th Ave S
            Moorhead, MN 56560


            Kamaria Catalan, DVM
            House Vets for House Pets
            8240 Beechmont Ave
            Cincinnati, OH 45255
            Full service practice specializing in housecalls serving Cincinnati and
    Northern  Kentucky               

            Linda Downs, DVM
            SouthPaws Housecall
            PO Box 41365
            Centerville, OH 45441
            937.433.7297 (433.PAWS)
            Serving the South Dayton suburbs

            Karen Kowalski RN., DVM
            4299 Rybolt Rd
            Cincinnati OH 45248

            Dr. Doris Lawrence
            Cat Calls, LLC
            PO Box 26026
            Cincinnati, OH 45226
            Serving greater Cincinnati and northern 



    Louise Mesher, DVM
    At Home Veterinary Services
    16869 SW 65th St #396
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035
    Serving the entire Portland metro area


            David Ruble, DVM
            Vet to Pet
            Pittsburgh, PA 

            Wendy Zimmerman, DVM
            Door to Door Pet Doctor
            PO Box 112
            Chester Springs, PA 19425

  Rhode Island  

  South Carolina  

South Dakota  


            C. Todd Dolen, DVM
            Creekside Animal Hospital House Call Service
            1209 HWY 68
            Sweetwater TN 37874

            Chris Brogden, DVM
            Pet Housecalls 
            Wichita Falls, TX

            Cecilia Burnside, DVM
            Cats Love Housecalls
            Austin, TX


            Kim J. Bodily DVM
            Pet House Call & Hospital, Inc.
            PO Box 17344
            Salt Lake City, UT 84117



            Monica E. Aukward, DVM
            Veterinary Home Care
            15437 Delaware Dr
            King George, VA 22485

            Ronald Frank DVM 
            NOVA Home Veterinary Services 
            337 Lewis St. N.W. 
            Vienna, VA 22180
            Serving northern Virginia

            Phyllis Garnett-Deakin, DVM
            Well Pets, P.C.
            Blacksburg, Va

            Michele Price, VMD
            Around Town Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            9030 Sainsbury Ct
            Bristow,  VA 20136
            Serving Gainesville, Manassas, Haymarket and the surrounding areas   


    Roy Douglas, DVM
    South Sound Mobile Veterinary Services
    3209 Harrison Ave NW #175
    Olympia, WA 98502
Serving Olympia, Lacey, DuPont and surrounding areas             Dr. Tina Ellenbogen
            "Helping pets & people take good care of each other"
            Mobile Veterinary Services
            Animal HomeCare & Hospice
            PO Box 1744
            Bothell, WA 98041
            DrTinaVet@aol. com  

            Tod Kennedy, DVM
            North Spokane Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            Spokane, WA

            Dr. Bill Larson
            Peninsula Mobile Veterinary Clinic, PS
            19689 7th Ave NE #327
            Poulsbo, WA  98370

            Dr. Mikel Ann Oswalt
            PO Box 1288
            Mercer Island, WA 98040

  West Virginia  


            Dennis Knight DVM
            Coulee Mobile Veterinary Clinic
            E3680 US Hwy 14/61
            Coon Valley, WI 54623

            Dr. Sandra Miller
            Creature Comforts Veterinary Service
            2548 S Teut Rd
            Burlington, WI 53105-0183

            Karen Twyning, DVM
            Compassionate Home Euthanasia 
            Lake Geneva, WI
            Serving Lake & McHenry Counties, IL; serving Walworth, Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee,
            and Waukesha Counties as far north as Hwy 60, WI


  District of Columbia



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